Bear Mortgage, NMLS # bearmrt
4 W. Dry Creek Circle
Litteton, Colorado 80120

Bear Mortgage takes the stress out of home buying. We offer competitive rates. We also provide personalized attention and direct communication throughout the home-buying process. At Bear Mortgage we don’t just help you get a mortgage,


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Tim Lindsey
Loan Officer
(303) 856-3820
NMLS #nmls12

Bear Mortgage Inc. is a full service mortgage company offering personalized attention, support, and guidance during all stages of the lending process.

Established in 2014, Bear Mortgage provides a new kind of experience for real estate professionals and homeowners. Unlike other brokers and lenders, with their bankers’ hours and leave-a-message approach to client service, Bear Mortgage is an accessible member of your team that you can always count on when it matters most.

Tim Lindsey, Founder and President of Bear Mortgage, brings more than 10 years experience to the business, serving the lending needs of real estate professionals and homeowners throughout California, Colorado, and Washington.

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